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Hi, I am Sierra Albis, the creator of Sierras Suitcase! I am not your average girl, and this is not your average blog. I am Canadian, born and raised.  I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend and college student.  You might be wondering why I started this blog and how I came up with the name. Let me tell you:

I have gone through a few hurdles in my life so far; dealing with the loss of a parent to cancer, and battling my own mental health journey through anxiety and depression.  I have climbed that mountain and came out on the other side so much stronger.  Now, I feel as though my purpose is to make a difference! I wanted to create a platform to share my story so that YOU feel less alone.  I created this space to allow for connection and empowerment through a community of like minded bad ass women.  After all, what is more powerful then a girl on a mission?!  As for the name, the suitcase represents letting go of baggage that may be weighing you down, and instead, filling it with inspiration and tools to live a fulfilled life that brings nothing but happiness and joy.

Stop on by with your “suitcase”, join the forum, and enjoy the posts! My hope is that you find what you are needing and leave some of that luggage behind!

You can contact me through the form below.

Sierra xo